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September Specials from TheCableCo

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Customer email newsletter dated: September 1, 2017.

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September Specials from TheCableCo


Focal Headphone Trade-in Offer

During the month of September, Focal is running an incredibly generous promotion on Utopia and Elear headphones; trade-in ANY working headphone from ANY manufacturer and receive a massive discount on either model! Utopia and Elear are on sale from September 1st – 30th, this is a fabulous opportunity to upgrade your ‘cans, don’t let it pass you by!
Utopia: Was $4000, Now only $2999 with exchange
Elear: Was $1000, Now only $699 with exchange
Save $1000 on Focal’s Utopia, the headphone Steve Stone of TAS said was “among the best sounding and most impressive earphones I have ever experienced.” This state of the art open-backed design combines crossover-less, ultra-lightweight Beryllium drivers with carbon fiber supports and lambskin leather ear cushions to create a truly high-end headphone. Stereophile, The Absolute Sound, What HiFi, InnerFidelity and Sound&Vision all agree with us at CableCo: these headphones are superb!
Save $300 on the Elear; similar in execution to Focal’s Utopia headphones, Elear emulates that headphone’s grand design at a more accessible price. Featuring Focal’s proprietary Aluminum/Magnesium blend for the driver material, leather headband, machined aluminum support pieces and incredibly comfy microfiber earpads filled with memory foam, the high-end experience is very similar. Tyll from proclaims, “The Focal Elear is a drop-dead gorgeous headphone, sound quality is superb and (it) seems to have no Achilles heel.”
To order at the special exchange pricing just give a call, or email, or to order online with a credit card you can “Express Order” at the normal price, and make note of your exchange item in the comments box when you order. We will adjust the pricing and confirm back to you by email.
Exchanges must be branded products (no free giveaways) and in working condition. Original packaging is optional. Trades will be donated to a charity.
Both Focal models are also available for in-home audition through our Hi-End Headphone Library.

Sale Extended on Audio Desk Vinyl Cleaner PRO!

Our August promotion has been so successful, it is being continued through the month of September! To recap, buy a standard GRAY Vinyl Cleaner PRO for the special price of $3499 and we’ll throw in a 6-pack of Cleaning Fluid for FREE! That’s $900 in savings on the best record cleaning machine on the market! The ADVC PRO incorporates ultrasonic and mechanical processes for deep in-the-groove cleaning. Ultrasonic pulses and bi-directional rotating microfiber cleaning drums break loose debris and sweep it out of the grooves, cleaning both sides of the LP simultaneously. Fully automatic, simply place an LP in the slot, push the start button, and in just 6 minutes, you’ll have a thoroughly cleaned-to-the-bottom-of-the-groove, dried and static-free LP. Rediscover your vinyl collection, and resurrect those treasured recordings you thought were lost to noise.
Synergistic Active Ground Block, FREE HD Ground Cable Promotion!
Synergistic Research wants you to experience their Active Ground Blocks (as we have done here in our soundrooms; short comment: we knew it would be an improvement, but this is a home run!) so for the month of September they’re running an irresistible promotion; buy an Active Ground Block ($1995) and Synergistic will include a $395 4Ft HD Ground Cable or buy an Active Ground Block SE ($2995) and Synergistic will give you two of them! If you haven’t experienced the impressive upgrade Active Grounding brings, now’s the time!
Already own a Ground Block and want to upgrade to Active? Please contact us for trade-in details.
Want to try before you buy? Check one out from our Lending Library!

For more information and to order visit our Specials.

Last Chance for High Fidelity Cables MC-0.5 (Blemished)
We only have a few of these left, get your order in quickly before we run out!
MC-0.5 modules are incredibly popular and one of our favorite AC products. These weighty and modest-looking plug-in modules provide the benefits of magnetic conduction to your system’s AC lines. The MC-0.5 delivers cleaner, clearer music with better dynamics, realism and musicality. One listen with an MC-0.5 and you’ll never want to hear your system without it! For more, check out the video.
Adding multiple modules increases the effect for even more impressive results; simply plug additional modules into an extension block or power strip. The MC-0.5 is compatible with any and all power conditioners we have tested, offering an upgrade to your existing power conditioner's technology.
These B stock modules have very minor cosmetic blemishes; small scuffs, imperfections in the paint, etc. Delivered to us in generic packaging, this is a great opportunity to hear the benefits of magnetic conduction at an amazing price.
The MC-0.5 is normally a very reasonable $299; this is your last chance to buy MC-0.5s with minor cosmetic issues and no-frills packaging at special pricing:
Put a blemished MC-0.5 in your system for only $225 each!
Buy 2 and save even more, only $213.75 each!
Buy 3 or more for only $202.50 each!
To order visit our Specials Page.
Visit our Specials Page
for ongoing special offers including:
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Headphone and Component specials from Cardas, DSPeaker, Focal, HiFiMan, System Audio, and PS audio.
Isolation platforms and footers from Fo.Q, Voodoo Cable, and Symposium Acoustics.
Cable specials from JPS Laps, JPS Labs, MIT, Audience, DH Labs, Voodoo Cables, and Synergistic Research.

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