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Sponsors for our 22nd Summer Against Hunger

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Customer email newsletter dated: August 15, 2017.

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Sponsors for our 22nd Summer Against Hunger.

In our last e-mail we showed you Special Offers from our Summer Against Hunger sponsors. In this edition we are adding more specials and will be highlighting ALL of our sponsoring companies in our August emails starting with the manufacturers below, all best known for their cables.
But first to recap, what is Summer Against Hunger?
Over the last 22 years, The Cable Company has generated over $4 million in donations to CARE, a philanthropic organization which in 2016, reached over 80 million people in 94 countries, supported over a thousand sustainable development projects as well as providing humanitarian relief in the hardest hit countries. Operating with very low overhead, more of every dollar received goes towards programs which help the neediest humans on our planet survive and eventually thrive.
Every August, up to 100% of every dollar spent at The Cable Co supports CARE. Spend $100 on our Sponsored brands, CARE gets $100. Spend $3500, CARE gets $3500. Dollar for dollar donation matching for our Sponsored brands, that’s our guarantee. For all other purchases, even used products, CARE gets 50%.
It sounds strange. How can ALL of the money spent go to CARE?
Easy, with matching grants! Our contribution is matched by sponsoring vendors which is then matched by an anonymous donor, and the total of the above is further matched by an institutional donor. In short: when you buy a product from one of our sponsoring vendors, CARE gets 100% benefit.
Click for more details and look for our ads appearing in the August issues of Stereophile, The Absolute Sound and also in many on-line audio publications.
Interested in something not being sponsored? All products, even used products, purchased by our customers in August, generate at least a 50% donation to CARE. But do give our sponsors listed below an extra look. These are our partners in this fundraiser, they make this event possible and their generosity is worthy of your special consideration.
Analysis Plus Cables
Analysis Plus, a long-time supporter of Summer Against Hunger, is also one of our highest-value lines. Immensely popular with Musicians, Live-audio Professionals and Audiophiles, Analysis Plus cables feature a unique hollow-oval geometry which optimizes conductivity across the audio spectrum.
Their REL subwoofer cable (starting at only $149/3m) is one of the best and affordable upgrades you can make to another of our Summer Against Hunger sponsor, REL Subwoofers. Highly recommended, the REL cable deepens, tightens and refines the performance of any REL sub.
This summer we’d also like to spotlight one of our favorite Analysis Plus products, the the iPod Cable ($149/1m). This high-quality, pure analog cable connects the headphone jack of your iDevice to your system. Available in Mini to Mini or Mini to RCA, the iPod Cable delivers top to bottom tonal accuracy, excellent bass definition, the high-level of resolution you’ve come to expect from Analysis Plus.
Audio Magic Fuses
Audio Magic, best known for their cables, especially the "Liquid Air" cable series, also offers a wide range of interesting products including the highly effective "Black Out" “paint-on” RFI/EMI shielding compound and their jaw-dropping upgrade fuses considered by many to be among the best audio upgrades available.
Audioquest Beetle
The wait is finally over. Audioquest just released their new Beetle micro-DAC and it is wonderful! Based on the same 32Bit ESS Sabre DAC chipset in the Dragonfly Black, Beetle is an evolved kind of Critter. Audioquest’s first free-standing DAC, Beetle features a USB Micro input as well as Bluetooth and Toslink inputs, Beetle receives the first implementation of Asynchronous Bluetooth we’ve ever encountered and it’s a huge improvement over standard Bluetooth! Much more transparent and engaging. Like Dragonfly, Beetle features a 3.5mm headphone jack output which can also be used as a line-out and it even has a hidden mini-Toslink output! This allows Beetle to very inexpensively add Bluetooth and USB capabilities to any Home Theater or other DAC!

Aural Symphonics
Aural Symphonics and designer Tommy Dzurak have long supported Summer Against Hunger. This American boutique cable brand creates high-performance hand-made cables. Of special interest is the Digital Standard USB, ($155/2m), a high-value, high-precision, USB cable built with ultra-high purity conductors and minimal dielectric for outstanding tonal clarity and speed.
Black Cat Cables
Designed and manufactured by the inimitable Chris Sommovigo in his adopted home of Japan, Black Cat Cables deliver cutting edge performance at very reasonable prices. Best known for his work in the digital domain, the SilverStar 75 Digital Cable ($255/1m) is a benchmark product in its category. The more highly evolved Digit 75 ($725, pictured) is competitive with many of the very best cost-no-object digital cable designs, but still only sets the table for the top-line Tron model ($2595).
The magnificent XOX BNC to RCA adapters ($62.50 each) are the best sounding adapters you’ll ever use, with incredibly wide bandwidth and top-notch construction.

Cardas A-8 Ear Speakers
One of the top cable design manufacturers, Cardas Audio has also made a name for themselves in the earphone community. Designed to mirror the contours of your inner-ear, the Cardas A8 Ear Speakers are very impressive in-ear monitors. Featuring an impressive array of technologies, the A8s offer astonishingly good sound and now at our August Special price of only $249 are even more attractive.
Speaking of Cardas cables and headphones, we have a new August Special for you: For the month of August all Cardas Clear Headphone Cables are now 25% off. The Cardas Clear Headphone Cables utilize Cardas' patented Matched Propagation Conductors, offering superior clarity and musicality. True reference cables for nearly all reference headphones.

DH Labs DIY and Terminated Cables
DH Labs offers an impressive array of very affordable cables as well as a comprehensive line of DIY parts for those who prefer to “mix their own drink”. Lately we’ve been smitten with their new Glass Master Toslink cable ($195/1m) which offers a stunning level of performance for its reasonable price tag. For those who don’t think Toslink is sonically competitive with Coax, take a listen to this cable before rendering judgment. The Glass Master’s purity of tone and complete absence of noise might just get you to switch sides.

Elrod Master Series Cables (Shipping now!)
Two years in development, David Elrod’s has just unleashed his massive new Master Series. Literally ahead of their time, these cables had to wait for manufacturing processes to catch up before they could be built! This evolution of Elrod’s proprietary Foil-Alloy Ribbon Conductor technology pushes the performance envelope way past his previous designs. Hear deeper into every track, rediscover your musical collection and connect to the soul of the music like never before.

Gutwire Cables
Gutwire is a Canadian manufacturer of high quality cables and power conditioners. This year we’re focusing on their series of Ground Cables. Gutwire found that grounding the audio boards in a component created a huge sonic improvement. With three different cables on offer, Gutwire provides solutions for any system and every budget. Read more about the cables in this new, incredibly effective series; Power Ground, Perfect Ground and Ultimate Ground.

Harmonic Technologies
One of our most stalwart supporters for Summer Against Hunger, Harmonic Tech pioneered the use of continuous cast, single crystal conductors in high end audio cable designs and has maintained a leadership position in cable design and materials science.
From their high-value products such as their USB and HDMI designs all the way up to the "Magic" line of top end interconnects, speaker cables and power cords, Harmonic Tech cables offer equal parts resolution and musicality.

High Fidelity Cable and their Magnetic Wave Guide Modules
High Fidelity Cables is known throughout the audio industry for their unique use of magnets to draw and focus electrical signals through their cables. All High Fidelity cables have incorporated the patented technology of “Magnetic Conduction” and up until now, this technology has been very expensive to implement. The Reveal Series changes all that with offerings in the sub-$1000 price point for interconnects, digital cables, power cords and speaker cables. Although certainly not cheap, we think they’re a great value and for us they fall into the "blow my mind/make me smile" category.
The MC-0.5 (pictured) is a weighty and modest-looking plug-in module which provides the benefits of magnetic conduction to your system’s AC lines. Improving your AC affects every aspect of your system’s performance. The impact of the MC-0.5 is cleaner, clearer music with better dynamics, realism and musicality. One listen with an MC-0.5 and you’ll never want to hear your system without it!
We have just received a new shipment of a limited number of Blemished MC-0.5 modules available at a discount. Act quickly before we sell out!

JPS Labs/Abyss AB-1266 Phi Deluxe
JPS Labs is a long-established high end cable manufacturer which has also turned their attention to the headphone community. We call them headphones, but whereas traditional headphones clamp onto your ears and cram sound into your head, the AB-1266 Phi is not a traditional headphone; this innovative design more closely emulates a full-range pair of speakers and the driver elements sit just a little away from your head. This extra space and the design of the driver give the Abyss room to breathe and create what some have called the “perfect speaker in the perfect room” effect. This latest version, the Phi, may look the same as its predecessor, but under the hood much has changed. Featuring an all-new driver with a vastly stronger magnet and a lighter diaphragm this combination increases efficiency by a whopping 3dB! The improvements can be heard top to bottom; low-frequencies now have more drive and depth, midrange has more space and texture and the top octaves are sweeter and more resolving.
Available for in-home audition through our Lending Library.

Kimber Kables, WBT, and Wattgate
Kimber Kable is a terrific company and an ardent supporter of Summer Against Hunger. They recently released their first USB cable in the premium Axios line, Axios USB. As with Kimber’s Axios headphone cables, this USB cable is made from woven conductors, wound in-house by a proprietary weaving loom. Fully shielded and gorgeous with the multi-strand woven geometry just slightly visible under the jacket, the Axios USB pulls you deep into the music, every time. Available in a variety of terminations, see link above.
Kimber also distributes two connector brands we think very highly of. The outstanding connector company WBT and power connector company Wattgate. Kimber, WBT and Wattgate are all Summer Against Hunger Sponsors, so every dollar you spend on these products in August is another dollar for CARE.

Oyaide, FoQ, Pranawire, Acrolink, Acoustic Revive and more...
The Lotus Group is an enthusiastic full participant EVERY year for our Summer Against Hunger fundraiser for This includes all Lotus distributed brands including Oyaide, FoQ, Acrolink, and Pranawire.

Purist Audio Design
This year, Purist is sweetening the deal with a massive $50 discount on their Purist Enhancer series. Choose from CD, LP or USB stick and improve your system’s performance from the inside out.
The entire Purist line, including the new Diamond Dominus AC cable and the Poseidon series is available to borrow from our massive Lending Library.

Shunyata Research: Cables, Line Filtration, and More
Shunyata Research has always been on the forefront of cable design and cutting-edge noise reduction technology. This last year has been an action-filled year as they’ve released so many new products. The Venom series welcomed a new power cord, the Venom 14, a 14AWG cable available with four different terminations to suit any need. The Delta, Alpha and Sigma series of interconnects, speaker and digital cables were introduced and the new Delta NR, Alpha NR and Sigma NR power cords have been making huge waves on the power distribution side.
The Denali series of power conditioners, especially the gorgeous 6000T tower continue to impress reviewers and audiophiles alike, offering truly reference level power conditioning without dynamic compression.

Siltech, Crystal Cable and XLO
A big thank you this year to Audio Plus Services, who has increased their participation in Summer Against Hunger with the addition of legendary cable brand XLO. Sister companies Siltech and Crystal Cable use the highest grade mono-crystal silver or silver/gold conductors as well as sophisticated geometries to create world class cable designs.

Straight Wire Expressivo Series
With us for all 28 years of The Cable Co’s existence, and all 22 years of our Summer Against Hunger fundraisers, we are enormously grateful to Straight Wire for their incredibly generous support. Please take a look at their mid-price, overachieving interconnect and speaker cable designs dubbed Expressivo.

Wireworld CAT8 Ethernet Cables
How many Cats do you need? All of them and the Wireworld Cat8 cables deliver! This latest spec for Ethernet cables offers even greater speeds, higher bit-rate accuracy and a noticeable improvement in sound. Wireworld has released three new cables in their CAT8 range: Platinum Starlight uses pure silver conductors for optimum conductivity and offers even greater speeds, higher bit-rate accuracy and a noticeable improvement in sound. Starlight features silver-clad OFC conductors and astonishingly good audio performance. Chroma brings affordable high-performance ethernet up to a whole new level. We have select samples of each in our Lending Library, please call us to book an audition.

Musical Interface Technologies (MIT)
One of the founding members of the Audiophile community, MIT has been making high-performance audio cables for thirty years. MIT’s guiding principle has evolved over the decades; updating and upgrading as technology advances, but always staying true to their primary concept of using a network box to do what plain wire can’t. MIT explains it better than we can but there’s no question that Multipole Technology works! From the Shotgun 3.5 which incorporates Multipole Tech into the RCA plug itself, to cables such as the mighty Oracle v1.5 Speaker Cable, every cable in the MIT lineup benefits from this technology. Once you’ve heard an MIT cable in your system it may be hard to go back to anything else.

VooDoo Cables and Accessories
This California based company isn’t very well known here in the US, but they are hugely popular in Asia, where reverence for the brand borders on worship. Offering an addictive combination of high performance and innovative design, VooDoo has rapidly become one of our “go to” brands.
VooDoo is running a special this month on their highly effective IsoPods, normally $299 for a set of 3. During August buy two sets of 3 for only $499, or three sets of 3 for only $699! Available in either Black or Silver, IsoPods will elevate your listening experience.

WyWires is making a name for themselves by doing things differently. Every cable is hand-made right here in the US, using high-purity copper conductors wrapped in organic cotton and nestled inside a PTFE tube. Designer Alex Sventitsky’s technical goal was to create cables with very low impedance, capacitance and inductance. The result is astonishing inner detail and outstanding soundstaging, delivering the kind of toe-tapping, head-nodding, spine-tingling excitement we all crave.

Alpha Design Labs (ADL)
Alpha Design Labs specializes in very-high performance yet affordable audio products. An off-shoot of the revered Furutech brand, ADL delivers a broad array of cutting edge solutions from DSD DACs to multi-function Phono Preamps, Headphones, portable Headphone Amps, Headphone Upgrade Cables & a broad array of highly useful Smart Phone Adapters. If you’re looking to get music from one device to another, there’s a good chance that ADL makes a high-quality, great sounding piece to fit the bill.

van hen Hul (vdh)
We are proud to offer the legendary Dutch cable brand, van den Hul. Pioneers in the cable industry, van den Hul also make incredibly good phono cartridges like the Frog Gold ($3195) a light-tracking, low output, high-compliance MC cartridge with a gorgeous sound that will stir your soul.

Synergistic Research
25 years ago, Synergistic Research opened their doors and welcomed a generation of audiophiles looking for ingenious solutions to common audio problems. Today SR is one of the best-known audiophile cable brands and their offerings encompass an incredibly vast array of offerings. SR has recently turned their focus towards system grounding with their new Grounding Block, a small but hefty copper and aluminum box which ties the grounds of all connected components together in a “star ground” dropping the noise floor of any system. For those with a yearning for higher performance, SR created the Active Ground Block and the Ground Block SE which adds greater capacity and active AC elements to further improve performance. All three of these products generate impressive noise reduction - you’ve got to hear them in your system to believe what they can do! Give us a call and let us set up an in-home trial from our Lending Library.
SALE!!! Graphene imbued Black Fuses are one of our best-selling upgrades and are on sale this month, buy two fuses get a third for free! We’re also running buy-2-get-1-FREE specials all month on HFTs, ECTs and MIG 2.0 Isolation Footers.

Why Victory?
We are getting questions about our Summer Against Hunger theme this year: "Declare Victory in August."
Why Victory?
In polls 90% of Americans say that global poverty is the same or getting worse, but the truth is that the world is beating poverty, disease and illiteracy.
Some facts and figures:
-More than 100 million children's lives have been saved since 1990 due to vaccinations, improved nutrition, and access to medical care.
-When I was a child a majority of the world's adults were illiterate. Today it is less than 15%.
-If you define "extreme poverty" as less than $2 (inflation-adjusted) per person per day, less than 10% of the worldwide population falls into this category in 2017 compared to more than 90% for most of human history, and 250,000 people EVERY DAY exit this categorization according to the World Bank.
Two other events to celebrate:
TODAY (on average):
+300,000 people just got electricity for the first time.
+280,000 just had their first access to clean water.
Why Victory?
Because well-organized, well-run, sustainable development programs work.
CARE is one of the most effective relief and development groups. They are known to be one of the first in when a humanitarian disaster occurs, and one of the last out as they set up and ensure the success of their sustainable development programs. We are proud to have supported their efforts for the 22 years of our Summer Against Hunger program. We get a lot of help: from our vendors, other sponsors, and YOU.
Visit our Specials Page
for ongoing special offers including:
Powerline filters and other powerline products from Audience, Furutech, and Synergistic Research.
Headphone and Component specials from Chord, DSPeaker, Rogers High Fidelity, System
Audio, and PS Audio.

Isolation platforms and footers from Fo.Q, Voodoo Cable, and Symposium Acoustics.
Cable specials from Shunyata Research, JPS Labs, MIT, Audience, DH Labs, Voodoo Cables, and Synergistic Research.

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