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1st Quarter Specials and Review

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Customer email newsletter dated: April 1, 2017.

email : Webview : 1st quarter 2017 Specials and Review 1st quarter 2017 Specials and Review
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1st quarter 2017 Specials and Review
1st quarter 2017 Specials and Review
1st Quarter Specials and Review
Every three months we revisit the features we have sent your way during the previous quarter, and also update the availability of recent special offers which we will extend as best we can. We also have some great NEW SPECIALS just becoming available in April!
Our 1st Quarter feature articles on new cables include:
High Fidelity Cables NEW "Reveal" Series, a technical and performance breakthrough in cable design for under $1000.
NEW Headphones and In Ear Monitors from Focal, Audioquest, and Audeze. The latest developments in headphone technology from three industry leaders.
EnigmAcoustics Statement Supertweeters, the Sopranino - New in the Library and MUST HEAR. You may not know what you missing until you hear what the Sopranino's do for high frequency detail, air and soundstaging. This is exactly the type of "interactive" component we love to offer for in home audition through The Cable Library. Most serious audiophiles have thought about supertweeters, but not many have actually tested a supertweeter at home. This is your chance to try supertweeters in your system!
Intro and Listening Notes on the Terrific NEW Powercell 8 Mid-price Line Conditioners from Synergistic Research. Upping their game. Hear what is possible in AC line conditioning in the $1999-$2999 price category.
Our January 2017 CES Show Report features everything from Cables to Components. Take another look at new products rolling out in 2017 from some of the best manufacturers!
NEW Offer: Audio Desk Systeme Vinyl Cleaner PRO: Save Up To $850!
We are excited to be able to offer the lowest price ever on the best Ultrasonic LP cleaning system on the planet! From April 1 through April 26 2017 only you can take advantage of these great offers:

$800 Off on Vinyl Cleaner PRO!

Retail $4199
Our usual discounted price: $3699
April Special: only $3399. Our lowest price ever!

Save Another $50 on Color Upgrades:
In addition it is usually $99 to upgrade from the standard gray chassis to Red, White or Black, but during the promotion you can upgrade for only $49.

To order, visit our specials page.

Read the latest review on the SoundStageUltra website.
NEW Offer: B Stock Special Offer on High Fidelity Cables MC-0.5.

This just in: we were able to purchase a small quantity of the MC-0.5 modules, one of our favorite products, from High Fidelity Cables at a special price due to some small cosmetic issues with the finish.

What is the MC-0.5 module?

Through some clever engineering, High Fidelity Cables has designed a simple plug-in module which provides the benefits of magnetic conduction for the AC used by your system at a very affordable price. This unique device simply plugs into the wall to apply magnetic conduction to the incoming electricity via an unused outlet and operates in parallel to the AC cables running to the components. The impact of the MC-0.5 is a cleaner, clearer music signal with better dynamics, realism and musicality. It is both more detailed as well as more relaxed-sounding at the same time. The impact of better AC affects all aspects of music (or video) reproduction. Once you hear it you will not want to be without it!

In addition the MC-0.5 can be plugged into, and is compatible with, any power conditioner that we have tested it with, offering an additional upgrade for your existing power conditioner's technology. And the effect of using multiple modules (use an extension block or strip) is cumulative and even more impressive.

Our regular price on the MC-0.5 is an affordable and high value $299. But for this one group with minor cosmetic issues we can do even better:

Single piece purchase (no frills packaging): special $225 each

Buy 2, get another 5% off on each

Buy 3 or more, get 10% off on each, and we will package together in the nice Pelican case that the first quality orders come in.

Only available while our special purchase supply lasts! To order, visit our specials page.
Free Ground Block and HD Ground Cable with Purchase of NEW Galileo UEF Digital Cables.
Synergistic Research has just released new USB, ($2995) SPDIF ($2995) and AES/EBU ($3495) digital cables in their top Galileo UEF series. These new cables incorporate SR's UEF filters and shielding, carbon fiber, silver and graphene conductors - all the secrets of the SR sauce.

These three digital cables are the last cables engineered in the Galileo UEF series and are created
especially for digital applications. Because digital cables are unique in their transmission of an analog signal that is ‘interpreted’ as digital on the receiving end, it took longer to optimize their performance across a wide variety of digital formats before they could be approved for release.

To read more about each cable type, click on the links above.
During the month of April we are running an introductory special offer on these new digital cables. You can get a FREE Grounding Block and RCA or XLR -terminated HD Ground Cable with your purchase of one of these Galileo UEF digital cables. The Ground Block can not only upgrade the performance of these digital cables, but offer a total of 18 ports to enable enhanced grounding for your entire system!

To order visit our Specials Page.
Here are a few of our most popular specials, extended into April.
View more on our
Specials Page.
Extended Special: FREE Performance Upgrade with Purchase of Symposium Acoustic's Svelte Shelf

Symposium Acoustics Svelte Shelf ($199-549 depending on the size) is one of the most cost-effective isolation platforms available. They not only control both environmental vibration and component resonances, but also block RFI/EMI radiation. Constructed with attractive, brush polished stainless steel, they can be used either below components, as platforms, or on top of components as damping pads. At only 5/8” thick, the Svelte Shelf fits in places other isolation devices can’t go, and gives sonic benefits that belie its slender form. The Svelte is effective with all components - turntables, digital sources, preamplifiers, and amplifiers, power supplies (including AC "line conditioners”), and is particularly effective with loudspeakers - in fact, a double set of Svelte Shelves is offered as the Svelte Shelf Speaker Set.

The Svelte Shelf is available in a wide range of sizes, with or without Symposium's own "Couplers" - precision-machined 7075 aircraft alloy discs which couple your component's chassis directly and efficiently to the platform in order to bypass built-in feet which contain much less effective materials such as rubber. If you can spare an extra 1/2” of vertical space, there is also an enhanced, 1 1/8” thick version called the Svelte Plus Shelf, ($299-799 depending on the size) with a thicker closed cell foam section in the center for increased isolation and damping.

Extended until April 15 we have a terrific offer for you: purchase the regular Svelte Shelf in the size you need, and upon request we will upgrade to the Svelte Plus version for no extra cost! This saves you from $100 up to $250 depending on the Shelf size.
Extended Special: Additional Brexit Price Reductions on Chord DAC's and Portables:
save up to $800!
The British Pound has taken a beating on currency markets since the vote to leave the European Union. As a result we began reducing prices on the excellent Chord electronics late last year and are pleased to now be able to offer further price reductions on the amazing portable DAC/headphone amps: Chord Mojo (orig. $629, now $498), as well as the killer Table Top version of the Hugo, the Hugo TT (orig. $4795, now $3995), and the excellent, affordable Chord 2Qute USB Asynchronous DAC (orig. $1795, now, incredibly, $1295).

We consider all of these devices to be best-in-class at their original prices. At these reduced prices you can't go wrong!

All use FGPA (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) rather than off the shelf DAC chips. To learn why this is important, take a look at this Chord Video.

We offer great support to new users in the form of the Mojo Connection Guide on our website, as well as a Mojo video we put together in-house.
Extended Special: Save $75 on the new Purist System Enhancer LP and/or the System Enhancer CD
Since 1993 Purist Audio Design has offered System Enhancer CD’s to condition all components (speakers, cables, and electronics) in the system by removing molecular stresses and residual magnetism.

Now, finally, Purist has released their first System Enhancer LP with intensified algorithms and a demagnetizing section promising enhanced air and transparency, richer harmonics and improved dynamic contrasts from your cartridge, tonearm and tonearm cables, phono stages and the rest of your system and cables. Retailing at $175, on special now for just $99!

And for digital-based systems, the latest Luminist version of the Purist Audio Designs System Enhancer CD, by using tones and signals at optimal frequencies and amplitudes, also reduces the break-in time for components from 24 hours to 5 hours and conditions all components (speakers, cables, and electronics) in the sound system “opening” the system to perform to its full potential.

Regular price $150; special offer $75.
Extended Special: $995 Shunyata Research Venom PS8 Package- save $439!

This complete line conditioning package for under $1000 is still available.
Extended Special: Best Line Filter Under $500.

And for under $500, consider our Show Special on the Adept Response aR2p.
Extended Special: 20% off on Shunyata Research Power Cords!

For a limited time we are offering 20% off on the top line Sigma Series and also the high performing Alpha Series Power Cords from Shunyata Research!
Alpha series:
Alpha Digital (reg. $995/6ft, now $795)
Alpha Analog
(reg. $995/6ft, now $795)
Alpha HC High Curren
( (reg. $1250/6ft, now $999)
Sigma series:
Sigma Digital (reg. $2495/, now $1995)
Sigma Analog (reg. $2495/, now $1995)
Sigma HC High Current (reg. $3495/, now $2795)

Only available while special purchase supplies last!
Extended Special: Save 25% on ALL Shunyata Research Ztron Signal Cables!
We are offering a 25% discount on ALL of the high performance Shunyata Research Ztron interconnects, digital, and speaker cables. Any length - any termination.

The unique Ztron series Shunyata interconnects and speaker cables cover a broad cross section of the high end audiophile market. One of the most scientifically sophisticated of all high end manufacturers, Shunyata Research cable designs incorporate high quality CDA 101 all-copper conductors and highly evolved dielectrics and shielding techniques. Their high tech Ztron technology in use in all of the cables in this promotion reduces signal transmission distortion for cleaner, better performance and a lower noise floor.

To learn more about these cables, and to order at 25% off, visit our specials page.
Extended Special: Save $200 on Shunyata Research's Viper Ztron AC Cable!
One of our best power cord "all-rounders" in the somewhat affordable category is the Viper from Shunyata Research. When we say all-rounder we mean it works well everywhere from low power source components to high power amplifier and line conditioners.

The least expensive AC cable to incorporate the Ztron electric field compensation circuit to neutralize the electric charge differential between the signal conductor and the insulating dielectric material, this is a very high end power cord, and now, for a limited time, available for under $500!

Available now for $395/6ft with 15A or 20A IEC; regularly $595. Save $200!
Click to order.
Extended Special: Save 20% on the NEW DH Labs "Glass Master" Glass Fiber Toslink Cable

Most Toslink cables are built from plastic fibers. But the highest performance, and most expensive versions, are all glass fiber designs (sometimes referred to as quartz fiber). Much more expensive to build, but worth it!

Now DH Labs, one of the top high value cable lines, has further reduced the cost of entry into higher performance Toslink optical cables with their new Glass Master design, which uses 300 strands of glass fiber for the widest bandwidth. Terminated with high quality connectors and precision polishing of the surfaces at the connection points for low jitter.

Introductory special - save 20% on the new DH Labs Glass Master Toslink cable:

Length Retail Sale Price
0.5 Meter $165 $132
1.0 Meter $195 $156
1.5 Meter $225 $180
2.0 Meter $255 $204
3.0 Meter $315 $252
4.0 Meter $375 $300
5.0 Meter $435 $348
6.0 Meter $495 $386
Extended Special: DH Lab's Mirage USB Sale Continues.

The standard USB interface contains both data and power conductors. In the DH Labs' Mirage USB, as in many of the best and most expensive USB cables available, the data conductors (carrying digital audio signals) and the power conductors have been physically separated and separately shielded to isolate the digital data stream from noise coming from the computer.

But the Mirage USB is both affordable AND high performing - our favorite combination - and now available at 20% off:

0.5m: $160
1.0m: $192
1.5m: $224
2.0m: $256
3.0m: $320

Highly recommended and available for in-home audition through The Cable Library.
Extended Special: Save 20% on DH Labs TopLine Corona AC Cable
Primarily known for their affordable, high value designs, when DH Labs pulls out all the stops, they can create something pretty special.

One of the best examples is the Corona AC cable, a very sophisticated design using extremely expensive materials. Each of the three 10 awg conductors consists of over 400 strands of Continuous Crystal Copper individually coated with pure silver. The dielectric is a special material that is "lossy" at RF frequencies to attenuate radio frequency noise that comes in on the power line, while the dual shields help block radiated rfi noise. The cable's overall geometry rejects magnetic field noise (emi) as well as preventing the cable from radiating noise into nearby low level cables.

Introductory special: save 20% on the Corona AC cable:

Length Retail Sale Price
1.0 Meter $850 $680
1.5 Meter $950 $760
2.0 Meter $1050 $840
3.0 Meter $1250 $1000
Extended Special: VooDoo Cable Iso-Pod:Special Pricing on Two or More Sets.
The VooDoo Iso-Pods ($299/set of three or $399/set of four) are not the least expensive, nor anything like the most expensive footers available. They work on the principal of turning vibrational energy into work/motion. Within the Iso-Pods are 3 zirconium ball bearings in perfectly formed "cups". These cups are housed within alloy disks, top and bottom, which are then held in place by magnets. As vibrational energy enters Iso-Pod, the balls turn that vibration into motion of the ball bearings within the cup so that no energy is passed between the alloy disks. Vibration is dissipated, ridding the component of a resonance “smearing” which sounds like congestion, especially for complex musical passages. We have found the Iso-Pods to be very effective and representing excellent value. They seem to work well regardless of the shelf /floor material and the weight of the components/ speakers.

VooDoo Iso-Pods are sold in sets of 3 ($299) or 4 ($399). At the margin 4 seem to work even better than 3 as long as you are on a level surface (3 form a tripod which will "self-level" an uneven surface).

We are offering special pricing for multiple sets of Iso-Pods:
(2) sets of (3) Iso-Pods - regularly $598/special pricing $549 - Save $49!!
(2) sets of (4) Iso-Pods - regularly $798/special pricing $699 - Save $99!!
(3) sets of (3) Iso-Pods - regularly $897/special pricing $749 - Save $148!!
(3) sets of (4) Iso-Pods - regularly $1197/special pricing $899 - Save $298!!
In addition to the new special offers in this Newsletter,
visit our Specials Page for ongoing special offers including:
  • Powerline filters and other powerline products from Audience, Furutech, Shunyata Research,
    and Synergistic Research.
  • Headphone and Component specials from HiFiMan, DSPeaker, Rogers High Fidelity, System
    Audio, and PS Audio.
  • Isolation platforms and footers from Fo.Q, Voodoo Cable, and Symposium Acoustics.
  • Cable specials from Shunyata Research, JPS Labs, Audience, DH Labs, Voodoo Cables,
    and Synergistic Research.
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To view these offers and more, take a look at the complete list of special offers on our SPECIALS PAGE.

You can view this newsletter on our website.
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