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March Specials from The Cable Company

WELCOME to the archive of customer email newsletters.

Specials are often limited by time or have limited product availability, but if you see something you like, let us know and we will try to accommodate you. If you would like to receive our customer email newsletters, please log in to take advantage of full membership privileges.

Customer email newsletter dated: March 1, 2017.

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March Specials from The Cable Company
We have NEW special offers for March. To view ALL of our specials, visit our Specials Page.
Additional Brexit Price Reductions on Chord DAC's and Portables: save up to $800!
The British Pound has taken a beating on currency markets since the vote to leave the European Union. As a result we began reducing prices on the excellent Chord electronics late last year and are pleased to now be able to offer further price reductions on the amazing portable DAC/headphone amps: Chord Mojo (orig. $629, now $498) and Hugo (orig. $2195, now $1495. This is the current model of Hugo. We are expecting a new Hugo 2 in April or May), as well as the killer Table Top version of the Hugo, the Hugo TT (orig. $4795, now $3995), and the excellent, affordable Chord 2Qute USB Asynchronous DAC (orig. $1795, now, incredibly, $1295).

We consider all four of these devices to be best-in-class at their original prices. At these reduced prices you can't go wrong!

All use FGPA (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) rather than off the shelf DAC chips. To learn why this is important, take a look at this Chord Video.

We offer great support to new users in the form of the Mojo Connection Guide on our website, as well as a Mojo video we put together in-house.
Save up to $200 on the REL Series T/i subwoofers
For the month of March only we are offering a special on the best-selling REL subwoofers - the Series T/i.

REL T/i Series subwoofers offer performance previously available only from the more costly S series woofers, but at affordable prices! And all of the REL T/i Series subwoofers offer the option of the Arrow wireless system ($199).

The REL T/5i subwoofer is regularly priced at $749 and is now on special thru the end of March for $649, a $100 savings!

The REL T/7i subwoofer is regularly priced at $999 and is on now on special thru the end of March for $899, a $100 savings!

The largest T/i series subwoofer, the REL T/9i, is regularly priced at $1299 and is on now on special thru the end of March for $1099, a $200 savings!

Take advantage of these special offers to upgrade your system to the world-class, easy to integrate Rel Series T/i Subwoofers.
Preorder Special on Synergistic Research's V8 PowerBlock
Synergistic Research is completing their new line up of AC line conditioners in March.

Our "free groundblock" special offer on the super and affordable Powercell 8 UEF ($1995) and Powercell 8 UEF SE ($2995) is ongoing, but now we are adding a preorder special for the even more affordable "V8 PowerBlock" series, which should begin shipping 2nd half March.

The NEW V8 PowerBlocks come three ways:

The Standard V8 PowerBlock ($795) is 8 outlets and does not include a power cable to the wall.

Or you can add SR's UEF Red AC cable (reg. $299) for just $200.

Synergistic also makes a tricked out "V8 PowerBlock SE" ($1495) with the 4x duplex outlets to power 8 components upgraded to their Red Teslaplex's (these sell for $95 each a la carte) as well as including the $499 10 gauge version of their "Black UEF AC Cord" to run to the wall.

March Preorder Specials:

One free Black Quantum fuse (reg. $119.95-$129.95) with V8 PowerBlock (no a/c $795.00),

Two free Black fuses (reg. $119.95-$129.95 each) with V8 PowerBlock (with Red UEF AC $995),

Three free Black fuses (reg. $119.95-$129.95 each) with V8 PowerBlock SE (includes Black UEF AC $1495).

Just use the above links to preorder your PowerBlock of choice, and let us know in the comments section the FREE Black Quantum fuse values you need together with Fast or Slow Blow, and Small (20mm - .75") or Large (32mm - 125") size. Or give us a call.
Save 20% on DH Labs TopLine Corona AC Cable
Primarily known for their affordable, high value designs, when DH Labs pulls out all the stops, they can create something pretty special.

One of the best examples is the Corona AC cable, a very sophisticated design using extremely expensive materials. Each of the three 10 awg conductors consists of over 400 strands of Continuous Crystal Copper individually coated with pure silver. The dielectric is a special material that is "lossy" at RF frequencies to attenuate radio frequency noise that comes in on the power line, while the dual shields help block radiated rfi noise. The cable's overall geometry rejects magnetic field noise (emi) as well as preventing the cable from radiating noise into nearby low level cables.

Introductory special: save 20% on the Corona AC cable:

Length Retail Sale Price
1.0 Meter $ 850 $680
1.5 Meter $ 950 $ 760
2.0 Meter $1050 $ 840
3.0 Meter $1250 $1000

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In addition to the new special offers in this Newsletter, visit our Specials Page
for ongoing special offers including:
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    and Synergistic Research.
  • Headphone and Component specials from HiFiMan, DSPeaker, Rogers High Fidelity, System Audio, and PS Audio.
  • Isolation platforms and footers from Fo.Q, Voodoo Cable, and Symposium Acoustics.
  • Cable specials from Shunyata Research, JPS Labs, Audience, DH Labs, Voodoo Cables,
    and Synergistic Research.

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