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4th quarter 2016 Specials and Review

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Customer email newsletter dated: January 1, 2017.

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4th quarter 2016 Specials and Review
Every three months we revisit the features and specials we have sent your way during the previous quarter to update you on the availability of recent special offers, which we will extend as best we can.
Our 4th Quarter feature articles on new cables include:
- Cardas Clear Beyond Interconnects, which are the new flagship design from industry icon, George Cardas.
- Wireworld's Starlight Cat 8 Ethernet Cables, offering the widest bandwidth spec currently available.
- JPS Labs PAC Silver AC Power Cord, a universal design which completes the new PAC lineup of powercords in the $399 to $799 range.
- Purist Audio Design's 30th Anniversary USB Cable, is a dramatic statement of the art in USB cable design, appropriate for a 30th anniversary.
Extended Offer: Beat the Price Increase on Shunyata's Denali 2000T - Save $500!

One of our best-selling AC line Conditioners is the new Shunyata Denali series, available in their distinctive 6 outlet pyramid design, Denali 6000T ($4995), and a more conventional rack version, Denali 6000s ($3995). The two outlet, truncated version of the pyramid, specifically designed for high current applications, is the Denali 2000T (pictured). The current price (before your Frequent Flier incentives) is $2995, but this won't last. Frankly this device costs Shunyata more to build than they anticipated, and the price will go up to $3495 on January 15, 2017.

Beat the increase. Get yours now at the 2016 price!

Extended Special: Brexit Promo on Chord DAC's and Portables: save up to $500!

The British Pound has taken a beating on currency markets since the vote to leave the European Union. This should result in lower prices for many British exports.

We are pleased to be able to extend these price reductions on the excellent Chord Mojo (reg. $599, now $549) and Hugo (reg. $2195, now $1995) portable DAC/headphone amps, as well as the killer Table Top version of the Hugo, the Hugo TT (reg. $4795, now $4295), as well as the excellent, affordable DAC-only 2Qute USB Asynchronous DAC (reg. $1795, now $1495).

We consider all four of these devices to be best-in-class at their regular prices. At these reduced prices you can't go wrong!

All use FGPA (Field Programmable Gate Arrays) rather than off the shelf DAC chips. To learn why this is important, take a look at this well-done Chord Video.

Interested in the Mojo? We offer great support to new users in the form of the Mojo Connection Guide on our website, as well as a new Mojo video that we put together in-house.

We also have a $1495 special (reg. $1795) on Chord's terrific little Chordette Scamp, a terrific sounding integrated amp with both analog and USB digital inputs (nice DAC section!)

Extended Special: Furutech Extreme Outlet Special Offer
We have put together three of Furutech's Top-Tier AC power products for those who want the VERY BEST in powerline treatment beginning right at the wall.

The combo package includes a GTX DR NCF Duplex receptacle, a GTX Wall Frame, and the NEW 105 NCF, a design & sound tour-de-force outlet cover that Furutech contends is such a great sonic success that they feel it will help vault the NCF receptacle with frame into an almost stratospheric performance level.

The normal retail prices for the individual pieces are:
-GTX DR NCF: $280
-GTX Wall Frame: $160
-Outlet Cover 105 NCF: $220
for a total of $660.
Special package offer: $528 - - a $132 savings.

To order visit our Specials Page.

Extended Special: Excellent Trade In Offers from PS Audio
PS Audio is continuing to offer great exchange deals, even up to 100% of the original value, for your old components when purchasing their cutting edge DAC's as well as their killer BHK Signature preamps and amps, and pretty much everything else they build, even the brand new "Memory Player," ($5999) just beginning to ship, which is the first disc transport capable of outputting the digital bitstream from SACD's.
Extended Special: Headphone Specials from HiFiMan

We have still have a few of these headphone specials available on some of our favorite HiFiMan headphones.

Edition X v2 (reg. $1799, now $1299) offers most of the performance, and many of the same features, of the flagship HE1000: ultra-thin diaphragm technology, window shade grill, asymmetrical ear cup design, hybrid ear pads, ergonomic headband and more.

Yet with even lower weight and amazing 103dB sensitivity, Edition X v2 breaks new ground in performance and comfort for planar magnetic headphones, and is one of the very best high performance options when portability is a priority.

HE560: reg. $899, now $699
Premium quality, full-size planar magnetic headphone designed for reference use in the home or studio. Using single-ended drivers, HE560 delivers a lifelike soundstage and spatial imaging that HIFIMAN is known for. Its increased efficiency allows it to be driven with a modest size amplifier.
Extended Special: Save $3000 on the Silver Circle Audio Tchaik 6 Power Conditioner
Silver Circle Audio is continuing a special sale on their top of the line Tchaik 6 Power Conditioner (Reg $10,500 - special sale price $7500 + freight).

The Tchaik 6 Power conditioner is, at it's heart, a massive 5 KVA isolation transformer, designed from the ground up for reference level audio systems. Utilizing the best available components for the isolation transformer circuit, the Tchaik 6 is also the only "other" AC line conditioner incorporating the Magnetic Induction technology (Wave Stabilizers) from Rick Schultz (Magnetic Innovations/High Fidelity cables) on the inputs, outputs, and ground. Those of you who have experienced the phenomenal performance of Rick's High Fidelity Cables MC-0.5 Magnetic Wave Guide (only $249 on PROMO - see next Special below) will understand that this technology can produce exceptionally high performance results. For those of you who have not, we suggest that you borrow these little plug in modules from our Cable Library to hear for yourself what this technology is about.

The 8 outlet Tchaik 6 comes complete with:
• 5 Wave Stabilizer modules; 2 on the input (hot and neutral), 2 on the output, and 1 on the ground.
• 2 Audio Magic fuses
• An upgraded Vesuvius II power cord - FI-52(R) IEC connector and FI-50M(R) power connector.
• Eden Sound TerraStones footers

To quote one of the reviewers:
"Look — I can’t justify this kind of expense for you. It’s an incredible outlay, I readily acknowledge that. But if you have a system that can support a $10,500 upgrade, a Silver Circle Tchaik 6 shouldn’t be on the list — it is the list."
Extended Special: Save $50 on the MC-0.5 - Add High Fidelity's Magnetic Conduction Technology for Your AC Power for only $249.
Thru ingenious engineering High Fidelity Cables has designed the MC-0.5 Magnetic Wave Guide which provides at an affordable price many of the benefits of their Magnetic Conduction technology for the AC used by your system. This unique device simply plugs into the wall to apply magnetic conduction to incoming electricity. The MC-0.5, once plugged into an extra outlet, results in a cleaner, clearer music signal with better dynamics, realism and musicality. It is both more detailed, as well as more relaxed-sounding, at the same time. The MC-0.5 can also be plugged into, and is compatible with, any power conditioner we have tested enhancing the performance attributable to your existing power conditioner's technology.

Extended into January, the MC-0.5 (Reg $299) is specially priced at only $249 - Save $50.00 on one, and no limit on multiples!

The MC-0.5 is designed to provide many of the benefits of what High Fidelity Cables more expensive power cords and conditioners offer. Multiple MC-0.5's can be used on the same circuit to increase the effect. The MC-0.5 is a stellar performer on high definition video systems as well, as many of our customers have discovered.

How do these Magnetic Conduction devices work? The Technical Explanation at the end of this article is a simplified version of a complex subject, but the concept should be easy to grasp. For those who would prefer a visual explanation, here is a link to a short video on the subject.

Because of the way Magnetic Conduction functions the MC-0.5 should ideally be installed and left in place for a few hours before serious listening or viewing is done, although if you can't resist, improvement is in fact noticeable almost immediately. The Magnetic Conduction effect actually conditions the incoming AC that is used to power your equipment, be it either audio or video. Even the newest 4k video monitors will have enhanced resolution and noticeably better picture quality with Magnetic Conduction technology products in the AC system feeding it.

As always, evaluation at home in your own system using our Cable Library is encouraged!

High Fidelity Cables' Technical Explanation:

The AC (alternating current) power drawn from your wall produces a magnetic field. This field is actually a series of waves whose frequencies vary with the electrical signal. Electricity induces magnetism, and vice versa: the two are inseparable.

From start to end, your audio system is dependent on magnetism to work. The AC power and magnetic waveform enters your audio system, is modulated by your source, amplified through your amplifier, and sent to the voice coil on the speaker driver. Here it interacts with a permanent magnet and causes the speaker cone to vibrate and produce music.

Magnetic Conduction is a new, patented form of conduction, implementing specially arranged magnetic fields to concentrate the signal within the conductor. The electrons of the audio signal have a quantum spin which gives them their "magnetic moment" or charge. It's this charge which allows the electrons to react with magnetic fields. So if you have a "magnetic conductor" instead of a regular conductor, the electrons (the audio signal) can be guided through the conductor in a very precise way to reduce distortion and signal loss.

High Fidelity Cables uses Magnetic Conduction technology to preserve the quality of audio signals and reproduce music more accurately. Most people think of an audio system as an electrical device. It would be more accurate to call it a magnetic device. Electricity powers the components, but it's magnetism that makes the music. It is a magnetic force that moves your speakers, causing them to vibrate and create sound. This magnetism at the end of your signal path actually begins at your wall outlet, and is present throughout your entire system.
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Extended Special: Save $1400 on High Fidelity Cables CT-1 Enhanced Power Cable!
The previous article describes the easiest and least expensive way to take advantage of High Fidelity Cables' Magnetic Conduction technology in your system. To take it even further go for one of their AC cables with enhanced versions of this technology built in, and right now you can do it at a special price.

High Fidelity Cables' CT-1 Enhanced (reg. $4400/1.5m; on special for $2990!) incorporates three "magnetic wave guides," one on each of the legs, for a truly extraordinary power cable!
Extended Special: Save $75 on the new Purist System Enhancer LP and/or the System Enhancer CD
Since 1993 Purist Audio Design has offered System Enhancer CD’s to condition all components (speakers, cables, and electronics) in the system by removing molecular stresses and residual magnetism.

Now, finally, Purist has released their first System Enhancer LP with intensified algorithms and a demagnetizing section promising enhanced air and transparency, richer harmonics and improved dynamic contrasts from your cartridge, tonearm and tonearm cables, phono stages and the rest of your system and cables. Retailing at $175, on special now for just $99!

And for digital-based systems, the latest Luminist version of the Purist Audio Designs System Enhancer CD, by using tones and signals at optimal frequencies and amplitudes, also reduces the break-in time for components from 24 hours to 5 hours and conditions all components (speakers, cables, and electronics) in the sound system “opening” the system to perform to its full potential.

Regular price $150; special offer $75.
Extended Special: $995 Shunyata Research Venom PS8 Package- save $439!

Our favorite complete line conditioning package under $1000 is also still available.
Extended Special: Best Line Filter Under $500.

And for under $500, consider our Show Special on the Adept Response aR2p.
Extended Special: Save 25% on ALL Shunyata Research Ztron Signal Cables!
We are offering a 25% discount on ALL of the high performance Shunyata Research Ztron interconnects, digital, and speaker cables. Any length - any termination.

The unique Ztron series Shunyata interconnects and speaker cables cover a broad cross section of the high end audiophile market. One of the most scientifically sophisticated of all high end manufacturers, Shunyata Research cable designs incorporate high quality CDA 101 all-copper conductors and highly evolved dielectrics and shielding techniques. Their high tech Ztron technology in use in all of the cables in this promotion reduces signal transmission distortion for cleaner, better performance and a lower noise floor.

To learn more about these cables, and to order at 25% off, visit our specials page.

Extended Special: 20% off on Shunyata Research Power Cords!

For a limited time we are offering 20% off on (almost) all Shunyata Research Power Cords!

From the affordable Venom 3 (reg. $150/5ft, now $119),
to the incredibly popular Alpha series:
Alpha Digital (reg. $995/6ft, now $795), Alpha Analog (reg. $995/6ft, now $795), Alpha HC High Current ( (reg. $1250/6ft, now $999),
all the way up to the top line Sigma series:
Sigma Digital (reg. $2495/, now $1995)
Sigma Analog (reg. $2495/, now $1995)
Sigma HC High Current (reg. $3495/, now $2795)

Only available while special purchase supplies last!
Extended Special: Save $200 on Shunyata Research's Viper Ztron AC Cable!
One of our best power cord "all-rounders" in the somewhat affordable category is the Viper from Shunyata Research. When we say all-rounder we mean it works well everywhere from low power source components to high power amplifier and line conditioners.

The least expensive AC cable to incorporate the Ztron electric field compensation circuit to neutralize the electric charge differential between the signal conductor and the insulating dielectric material, this is a very high end power cord, and now, for a limited time, available for under $500!

Available now for $395/6ft with 15A or 20A IEC; regularly $595. Save $200!
Click to order.

Extended Special: Save 20% on the NEW DH Labs "Glass Master" Glass Fiber Toslink Cable

Most Toslink cables are built from plastic fibers. But the highest performance, and most expensive versions, are all glass fiber designs (sometimes referred to as quartz fiber). Much more expensive to build, but worth it!

Now DH Labs, one of the top high value cable lines, has further reduced the cost of entry into higher performance Toslink optical cables with their new Glass Master design, which uses 300 strands of glass fiber for the widest bandwidth. Terminated with high quality connectors and precision polishing of the surfaces at the connection points for low jitter.

Introductory special - save 20% on the new DH Labs Glass Master Toslink cable:

Length Retail Sale Price
0.5 Meter $165 $132
1.0 Meter $195 $156
1.5 Meter $225 $180
2.0 Meter $255 $204
3.0 Meter $315 $252
4.0 Meter $375 $300
5.0 Meter $435 $348
6.0 Meter $495 $386
Extended Special: DH Lab's Mirage USB Sale Continues.

The standard USB interface contains both data and power conductors. In the DH Labs' Mirage USB, as in many of the best and most expensive USB cables available, the data conductors (carrying digital audio signals) and the power conductors have been physically separated and separately shielded to isolate the digital data stream from noise coming from the computer.

But the Mirage USB is both affordable AND high performing - our favorite combination - and now available at 20% off:

0.5m: $160
1.0m: $192
1.5m: $224
2.0m: $256
3.0m: $320

Highly recommended and available for in-home audition through The Cable Library.
Extended Special: VooDoo Cable Iso-Pod:Special Pricing on Two or More Sets.
The VooDoo Iso-Pods ($299/set of three or $399/set of four) are not the least expensive, nor anything like the most expensive footers available. They work on the principal of turning vibrational energy into work/motion. Within the Iso-Pods are 3 zirconium ball bearings in perfectly formed "cups". These cups are housed within alloy disks, top and bottom, which are then held in place by magnets. As vibrational energy enters Iso-Pod, the balls turn that vibration into motion of the ball bearings within the cup so that no energy is passed between the alloy disks. Vibration is dissipated, ridding the component of a resonance “smearing” which sounds like congestion, especially for complex musical passages. We have found the Iso-Pods to be very effective and representing excellent value. They seem to work well regardless of the shelf /floor material and the weight of the components/ speakers.

VooDoo Iso-Pods are sold in sets of 3 ($299) or 4 ($399). At the margin 4 seem to work even better than 3 as long as you are on a level surface (3 form a tripod which will "self-level" an uneven surface).

We are offering special pricing for multiple sets of Iso-Pods:
(2) sets of (3) Iso-Pods - regularly $598/special pricing $549 - Save $49!!
(2) sets of (4) Iso-Pods - regularly $798/special pricing $699 - Save $99!!
(3) sets of (3) Iso-Pods - regularly $897/special pricing $749 - Save $148!!
(3) sets of (4) Iso-Pods - regularly $1197/special pricing $899 - Save $298!!
Extended Special: FREE Bearing Upgrade with purchase of Symposium Acoustic's RollerBlock Jr.
Order any set of 3 or 4 Rollerblock Jr's and receive an upgrade to the Grade 10 bearings at no extra cost.

Symposium Acoustics Rollerblock Jr's are one of the least expensive, most effective devices for removing resonance and distortion from audio components. They can be used effectively with virtually all components - digital sources, preamplifiers, and amplifiers - and can also be used to isolate entire shelves and platforms, turntables, power supplies (including AC "line conditioners") and loudspeakers.

As you can see in the image a set of three (sold in sets of 3 or 4) Rollerblock Jr. consists of of 6 tops and bottoms and 3 center bearings, to make 3 "Double Stacked" isolator/coupler units. Each top and bottom is constructed of black anodized, aircraft alloy aluminum, and has a 1.875" diameter (4.76 cm) and 5/8" (1.58 cm) thickness. These dimensions were carefully chosen to make Rollerblock Jr. easy to use and set up, yet strong enough to withstand the rigors of use under heavier equipment such as large amplifiers and heavy loudspeakers. The special cup interior has been designed so that the top and bottom "sandwich" is stable with the ball inserted in the center, making for easy setup. The bottom and top are flat and suitable for all equipment chassis, as well as flat surfaces and carpeting.

Symposium Acoustics Rollerblock Jr - FREE Bearing Upgrade offer:

Set of 3 with standard bearings: $189 with free upgrade to Grade 10 Tungsten Carbide-Save $60.
Set of 4 with standard bearings: $249 with free upgrade to Grade 10 Tungsten Carbide-Save $80.

What benefit is the Grade 10 Carbide Ball upgrade? Let's get technical.

There are two basic principles involved, which seem inherently contradictory: Isolation and Coupling.

In terms of isolation, the better Grade 10 ball is ground to a higher precision than the standard Grade 25 Chromium Steel ball (which is the ball supplied with the standard Rollerblock Jr. system). The “Grade” of a ball means its precision in terms of sphericity and diameter; grade 25 means “25 parts per million” precision. Grade 10 means “10 parts per million” precision. The Grade 10 is therefore 2.5X more perfectly round.

The precision of the ball is of great importance in a ball bearing isolation device such as the Rollerblock. Tiny perturbations caused by vibration create displacement in the substrate or support surface. As the substrate moves, the ball allows that which is placed above it to stay motionless, since the ball rotates in response. Inertial mass keeps the component more or less stationary, isolating it from vibration. The more perfectly round the ball, the more perfectly uniform its rotation during its response to displacement. When a ball is not round, as it rotates, it’s off-balance, like a tire that is not balanced. The rotational movements are very fast (and tiny), and any imbalance creates additional perturbations or irregularities - that is, if the ball is not perfectly balanced, when it rotates it actually creates new vibration. So, the more perfectly round the ball, the less secondary vibration and distortion it will cause.

The other aspect of the Rollerblock, Coupling, is something that is profoundly influenced by the medium, or conduit, between the component and mechanical ground - whether that mechanical ground is a shelf or a dedicated isolation platform. The better the conductive pathway between the component and the mechanical ground, the better the results are. This is because vibration control isn’t just about isolation, it’s also about “damping,” which is in effect conducting inborn vibration to somewhere else, and thus away from sensitive circuitry or mechanisms. The “carbide” part of tungsten carbide is the aspect which improves mechanical conductivity, like products which use carbon, such as carbon fiber and other forms. So, compared to the standard chromium steel ball, the tungsten carbide ball provides better conductivity to ground.

The two principles combined together are very powerful; the superior, higher Grade 10 precision of the G10 balls gives greater resolution than the G25 chromium balls, improving rendition of “air and space,” sound staging, and inner detailing; and the tungsten carbide construction of the balls gives a better mechanical ground, improving bass, background quietness, authority, and image specificity.
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Extended Special: Show Samples from Audience
A popular cable brand in displays at the various audio shows, Audience always makes us a nice offer on their like new Show Samples. We have a substantial quantity of various cable types either here already or on the way. Take a look:
20 pr x 3ft/1m Audience Ohno interconnect (RCA) $139 Orig: $199
13 pr x 5ft/1.5m Audience Ohno interconnect (RCA) $169 Orig: $240
5 pr x 6.5ft/2m Audience Ohno interconnect (RCA) $195 Orig: $281
5 pr x 8ft/2.5m Audience Ohno interconnect (RCA) $225 Orig: $322
4 pr x 10ft/3m Audience Ohno interconnect (RCA) $249 Orig: $363
7 pr x 3ft/1m Audience AU24 "SX" interconnect (RCA) $1259 Orig: $1850
5 pr x 3ft/1m Audience AU24 "SX" interconnect (XLR) $1675 Orig: $2400
3 pr x 5ft/1.5m Audience AU24 "SX" interconnect (RCA) $1459 Orig: $2135

5 pr 5ft/1.5m Audience Ohno III speaker cables (Bananas) $239 orig:$344
6 pr 5ft/1.5m Audience Ohno III speaker cables (Spades) $325 orig:$464
2 pr 6.5ft/2m Audience Ohno III speaker cables (Bananas) $249 orig:$359
6 pr 6.5ft/2m Audience Ohno III speaker cables (Spades) $329 orig:$479
3 pr 8ft/2.5m Audience Ohno III speaker cables (Bananas) $259 orig:$374
7 pr 8ft/2.5m Audience Ohno III speaker cables (Spades) $345 orig:$494
5 pr 10ft/3m Audience Ohno III speaker cables (Bananas) $269 orig:$389
6 pr 10ft/3m Audience Ohno III speaker cables (Spades) $359 orig:$509
4 pr 11.5ft/3.5m Audience Ohno III speaker cables (Spades) $369 orig:$524
1 pr 11.5ft/3.5m Audience Ohno III speaker cables (Bananas) $279 orig:$404
1 pr 5ft/1.5m Audience AU24 "SE" speaker cables (Spades) $1098 orig:$1895
2 pr 5ft/1.5m Audience AU24 "SX" speaker cables (Bananas) $1895 orig:$2715
1 pr 5ft/1.5m Audience AU24 "SX" speaker cables (Spades) $1895 orig:$2710

Power Cables:
1 x 5ft/1.5m Audience Powerchord $359 Orig:$515
2 pr 5ft/1.5m Audience AU24 "SE" power chord $1575 orig:$2250

USB Cables:
2 x 2.4ft/0.75m Audience AU24 "SE" USB Standard $598 orig: $855
2 x 3ft/1m Audience AU24 "SE" USB Standard $625 orig: $895
1 x 4ft/1.2m Audience AU24 "SE" USB Standard $655 orig: $935
2 x 5ft/1.5m Audience AU24 "SE" USB Standard $689 orig: $980

Tonearm Cables:
2 x 4ft/1.25m Audience Ohno MM Phono (RCA to RCA) $495 orig: $705
1 x 3ft/1m Audience AU24 "SE" High Z Phono (RCA to RCA) $899 orig: $1290
1 x 4ft/1.25m Audience AU24 "SE" High Z Phono (DIN to RCA) $998 orig: $1485
2 x 4ft/1.25m Audience AU24 "SE" MM Phono (DIN to RCA) $575 orig: $855

To order, visit our specials page.
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