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New Products, Specials, Summer Against Hunger recap

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Customer email newsletter dated: November 17, 2016.

New Products, Specials, Summer Against Hunger recap


Some great new products and special offers. Take a look!

PS Audio DirectStream Memory Player Shipping in December. Get up to 100% value for your exchanges.
Headphone Specials from HiFiMan
Huge Savings on the Top Auralic DAC and Headphone Amp!
Vinyl Cleaner PRO: Special Offers
Save 20% on the NEW DH Labs "Glass Master" Glass Fiber Toslink Cable
$10 Off Sale on HiFi-Tuning Fuses
Recap of 2016 Summer Against Hunger Fundraiser for CARE
Shopping Tip: "Amazon-Smile" Earmarks 0.5% of your Amazon Purchases for Your Favorite Charity
PS Audio DirectStream Memory Player Shipping in December. Get up to 100% value for your exchanges.
Back in June 2016 we previewed the highly anticipated PS Audio DirectStream Memory Player ($5999), the first disc transport that will allow for play back of native DSD, right from an SACD, when paired with either of the top two PS Audio DAC's. Well, we are excited to report that these new transports have cleared beta testing and will begin shipping in December 2016. We fully expect that the combination of the Memory Player Transport and DirectStream DAC will together represent one of the finest "CD Players" available at any price, as well as the only combination which can decode native DSD.

There is an upgrade path for audiophiles who own PS's earlier PerfectWave Transports. With the trade of a PerfectWave Transport, you qualify for a $2,000 off trade-in deal. This reduces your investment in the DirectStream Memory Player down to $3,999.

We can also offer you up to 100% (max. $1800) of what you originally paid for other components you may want to trade in for this new Transport, or for one of the companion DirectStream DAC's, or frankly for just about anything else PS Audio offers.

Click here to view our PS Audio trade in special.

Click here to view the 12 minute PS Audio video on the DirectStream Memory Player on our YouTube channel.
Headphone Specials from HiFiMan
We have some terrific specials available in November on some of our favorite HiFiMan headphones and earphones.

Taking it from the top:

Edition X v2: reg. $1799, now $1299
Edition X v2 offers most of the performance, and many of the same features, of the flagship HE1000: ultra-thin diaphragm technology, window shade grill, asymmetrical ear cup design, hybrid ear pads, ergonomic headband and more.

Yet with even lower weight and amazing 103dB sensitivity, Edition X v2 breaks new ground in performance and comfort for planar magnetic headphones, and is one of the very best high performance options when portability is a priority.

HE560: reg. $899, now $699
Premium quality, full-size planar magnetic headphone designed for reference use in the home or studio. Using single-ended drivers, HE560 delivers a lifelike soundstage and spatial imaging that HIFIMAN is known for. Its increased efficiency allows it to be driven with a modest size amplifier.

HE400i: reg. $449, now $249
Easy to drive, very good sounding, full size planar magnetic headphones.

Edition S: in White: reg. $249, now $149
With a sensitivity rating of 112dB and impedance of 18ohms, Edition S can be driven by almost and portable device.

RE600S v2: reg. $199, now $129
A for real high end in-ear monitor at a remarkable price.

RE400: reg. $79, now $49
High performance in ear monitor which sets a standard for under $100.

Offers are limited to special purchase/special price quantities on hand!

Huge Savings on the Top Auralic DAC and Headphone Amp!
The two best selling models from the Auralic line of electronics are the Vega DAC and the Taurus MKII headphone amp, and both are on sale!

Certainly one of the highest performing DACs south of $5k, the full-featured Auralic Vega (reg. $3499; special $2499) supports all high resolution music formats including DXD (352.8KS/s, 384KS/s in 32bit) and DSD. Five digital inputs include AES/EBU, coaxial (two), toslink and USB., and balanced and single-ended analog outputs.

And one of the best headphone amps at any price, the Taurus MkII (reg. $1899, special $1329) can power any headphone (other than electrostatics) with a beautiful and natural-sounding Class A output stage. Accepting both RCA and XLR inputs, and offering both 1/4" phono and 4 pin XLR headphone outputs, by any standard this is a terrific performer at an unheard of price.
Vinyl Cleaner PRO: Special Offers
Keep the world's best LP cleaning system, the ultrasonic Vinyl Cleaner, in top form with this Vinyl Cleaner Refresher Kit at a special price:

1 set of microfiber barrels (reg. $99.95)
1 fluid filter (reg. $19.95)
1 set of white wipers (reg. $24.95)
6 pack of cleaning concentrate (reg. $99.95)

Total Value: $244.80
Year end special package price: $175

Is the Vinyl Cleaner PRO still on your wish list?

Purchase the Vinyl Cleaner PRO at our discounted price of $3699 and get the Vinyl Cleaner Refresher Kit for FREE!

To order with the special packages visit our Specials Page.

Save 20% on the NEW DH Labs "Glass Master" Glass Fiber Toslink Cable
Most Toslink cables are built from plastic fibers. But the highest performance, and most expensive versions, are all glass fiber designs (sometimes referred to as quartz fiber). Much more expensive to build, but worth it!

The premium models from Audioquest set the table. Then Wireworld developed their Supernova Toslink ($200/1m) at a more attainable cost. Now DH Labs, one of the top high value cable lines, has further reduced the cost of entry into higher performance Toslink optical cables with their new Glass Master design, which uses 300 strands of glass fiber for the widest bandwidth. Terminated with high quality connectors and precision polishing of the surfaces at the connection points for low jitter.

Introductory special: save 20% through year end on the new DH Labs Glass Master Toslink cable:

Retail Sale Price (Through 12/31/16)

0.5 Meter $165 Now: $132
1.0 Meter $195 Now: $156
1.5 Meter $225 Now: $180
2.0 Meter $255 Now: $204
3.0 Meter $315 Now: $252
4.0 Meter $375 Now: $300
5.0 Meter $435 Now: $348
6.0 Meter $495 Now: $386
$10 Off Sale on HiFi-Tuning Fuses
Upgrade your favorite components with the 99% silver, 1% gold, 100% music HiFi-Tuning's top Supreme fuses.

Holiday Special: save $10 on all HiFi-Tuning Supreme fuses!

Retail prices:
Large $89.95, NOW $79.95
Small $69.95, NOW $59.95

Small fuses are 5 x 20mm (.75").
Large fuses are 6.3x 32mm (1.25").
Recap of 2016 Summer Against Hunger Fundraiser for CARE
It always takes some time for us to gather in the matched funding for our August "Summer Against Hunger" fundraiser, so we target late November, Thanksgiving time in the USA, to announce our final results.

Total program funding for CARE this 21st year will just exceed $250,000, a nice increase over our 2015 results. Proceeds are earmarked to help support a multiyear food and nutrition initiative that will help change the trajectory of food security for 10 million people in 6 countries in Southern Africa.

Thank you all for your help with this fundraiser, simply by letting us help you upgrade your system in August. That's all it takes!

Shopping Tip: "Amazon-Smile" Earmarks 0.5% of your Amazon Purchases for Your Favorite Charity
Do you ever shop on Amazon?

Did you know that by registering with Amazon-Smile, Amazon will donate a half percent of your Amazon purchases to charity? I earmark my donations to go to CARE, but there are almost a million choices available. If you are shopping on Amazon anyway, why not support a good cause?

Just click here to see how.

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