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High Fidelity Cables's Special Offer on High Fidelity Cables MC-0.5 (Blemished)
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High Fidelity Cables's Special Offer on High Fidelity Cables MC-0.5 (Blemished)

Specials! by High Fidelity Cables

Special Offer on High Fidelity Cables MC-0.5 (Blemished)

The MC-0.5 modules , are incredibly popular and one of our favorite AC products. We procured a small number of these modules with very minor cosmetic blemishes; small scuffs, imperfections in the paint, etc. Provided to us in no-frills packaging, High Fidelity Cables offers us a substantial discount on these modules which we pass on to you!

This weighty and modest-looking plug-in module provides the benefits of magnetic conduction to your system’s AC lines. Improving your AC affects every aspect of your system’s performance. The impact of the MC-0.5 is cleaner, clearer music with better dynamics, realism and musicality. One listen with an MC-0.5 and you’ll never want to hear your system without it!

The MC-0.5 plugs directly into the wall improving the incoming electricity. The sonic presentation is simultaneously more detailed and more relaxed. Adding multiple modules increases the effect for impressive results; simply plug additional modules into an extension block or power strip. The MC-0.5 is compatible with a broad array of power conditioners offering an upgrade to your existing power conditioner's technology.

The MC-0.5 is normally a very reasonable $299, however, this small batch of MC-0.5s with minor cosmetic issues and no frills packaging gets special pricing:

Regular price $299, Blemished only $225 each
Buy 2 and save 5% more, only $213.75 each when you purchase 2.
Buy 3 or more and get 10% off, only $202.50 each each when you purchase 3 or more.

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