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System Audio's 25% Off on SA-Saxo 1 and SA-Saxo 5
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System Audio's 25% Off on SA-Saxo 1 and SA-Saxo 5

Specials! by System Audio

25% Off on SA-Saxo 1 and SA-Saxo 5, AWARD WINNING Compact Active Loudspeaker from System Audio - Denmark.

In our July Newsletter - "Hidden Gems In Audio"  we included a new speaker discovery from System Audio - Denmark - SA-Saxo 1 ($795/Pair in black or white; now $595 on special!)  which offers a super lightweight 4” woofer and a 1” tweeter, while the larger and more full range SA-Saxo 5   ($1295/Pair  in black or white; now $975 on special!) offers a super lightweight 5” woofer with a 1” tweeter.

SA-Saxo speakers are sold as a TRUE stereo pair of Bluetooth speakers - not a single speaker solution, like most Bluetooth speaker systems. Frankly from an audiophile perspective, this alone is a pretty big deal sonically.

Now is the perfect time to get a pair of the SA-Saxo speakers, a great alternative to the typical desktop, office, bedroom, TV-oriented, dorm or workout room system where a single Bluetooth "soundbar" seems to be the "system" of choice. We consider this the best-sounding of all affordable Bluetooth speaker options available!

For the month of December 2016 be sure to take advantage of these BIG savings. Just place your order using the above links.

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