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"12 Deals" update and some closeouts.

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Customer email newsletter dated: December 15, 2012.

"12 Deals" update and some closeouts.

We showed you our Twelve Deals of Christmas - - a dozen (or so) special offers for the holiday season - - in our previous issue. Most are still available, the exception being the Shunyata Research specials, which are either sold out, or we are down to our last piece. Otherwise there is still time. A list of those specials is below, and we also have a nice one week special on the PS Audio's low cost Dectet line filter and several closeouts that follow. Read on!

Here is a list of what we are offering:

Vinyl Cleaner: Beat the Price Increase
+ Max Incentives and FREE Freight on Stereophile's "Product of the Year."

Original HiFi-Tuning Gold-Plated Fuses - Half Price Closeout!

$249 special on HiFi-Tuning's disc demagnetizer - save $50!

Purist Audio Design: 50% off on "Ultimate" System Enhancer discs - save $75!

And Get the "Ultimate" System Enhancer disc FREE with all $500 purchases of Purist Audio Design Cables!

Save $300 on the Synergistic Research Powercell 4 SE with the NEW Element Series Tungsten AC cable!

Save 30% on the Synergistic Research Precision Basik AC Cable!

*sold out*Free 20A Hydra HC Power Cable with purchase of Hydra-Alpha series Line Conditioners; save $600!

Additional special offer on the Hydra Talos; save a cool $800!

Save $200 on Preorders For The January Release of PS Audio's new PowerBase Line Conditioner AND Isolation Platform

Save $50 on Furutech's Excellent Rhodium over Pure Copper "GTX-D R" Outlet!

Half Price Special on WA-Quantum's NEW Power Chip with Purchase of ANY Upgrade AC Power Receptacle, Line Filter, or AC Distribution Strip.

For details on these special offers, click to the "12 Deals" email.

One week only! PS Audio's Dectet Power Center Package Deal!: $495

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Now, through December 22nd, we will be offering a Dectet Power Center Package deal. We are calling it the Power Kit.

The kit includes the following for $495:

5 pack of Power Port Classics
0.5m Jewel Cable

This special is available now through December 22nd only!

♦♦ ♦♦ ♦♦

We also have some show specials and closeouts
to add to the mix:

Audience Show Samples -Quantities of all items are limited! First come, first serve.
We have a great selection of the most popular interconnects, speaker cables, and AC cables from Audience at special prices. Offer limited to available stock.


6 ea 6ft/1.8m Audience PowerChord "E" Version Special $489 Orig: $695

6 ea 6ft Audience PowerChord "E" Version (Schuko) Special $489 Orig: $699


2 pr 3ft/1m Audience Au24 "e" interconnects (RCA) Special $695 Orig: $990

1 pr 1.5ft/0.5m Audience AU24 "e" interconnects (RCA) Special $835 Orig:$1190

1 pr 3ft/1m Audience AU24 "e" interconnects (XLR) Special $1098 Orig:$1595


2 pr 5ft/1.5m Audience AU24 "e" speaker cables (spades) Special $1099 orig:$1595

1 pr 8ft/2.5m Audience AU24 "e" speaker cables (Spades) Special $1399 orig:$1995

1 pr 6.5ft/2m Audience AU24 "e" speaker cables (Bananas) Special $1250 orig:$1795

1 pr 10ft/3m Audience AU24 "e" speaker cables (Spades) Special $1499 orig:$2195

1 pr 10ft/3m Audience AU24 "e" speaker cables (Bananas) Special $1499 orig:$2195

To order, visit the Specials Page!

JPS Labs's Show Samples Still Available
JPS Labs was also one of the companies that provided several great sounding rooms with their cables this year, and they have been kind enough to offer their show samples to our customers at greatly reduced prices. All cables are in exceptional condition, and will be sold on a first come first served basis.

Digital Cable

1x 3ft/1m JPS Labs Aluminata (AES/EBU) Special $1298 Orig.: $1999


0.5pr 3ft/1m JPS Labs Superconductor 3 (RCA)-Single Channel Special $395 Orig.: $599

Speaker Cable

1pr 4ft/1.2m JPS Labs Superconductor 3 (Spades or Bananas) Special $1859 Orig.: $2799

Power Cable

1 x 10ft/3m JPS Labs Kaptovator Special $1450 Orig.: $2099
1x 5ft/1.5m JPS Labs Aluminata Special $2399 Orig.: $3599
1x 6.5ft/2m JPS Labs Aluminata Special $2599 Orig.: $3999

To order, visit the Specials Page!

Purist Audio Design Closeouts and Show Specials

Special prices of prior series cables as well as new Praesto show samples have been loaded into our website. Quantities are limited: only while supplies last!

Speaker Cables

1pr x 10ft/3m pair Purist Audio 25th Anniversary (Spades) Sale: $10,998 Orig.: $23,300

1pr x 23ft/7m pair Purist Audio Venustas (Spades) Sale: $2498 Orig.: $5179

Interconnect Cables

1pr x 6.5ft/2m pair Purist Audio Musaeus (XLR) Sale: $375 Orig.: $545

2pr x 11.4ft/3.5m pair Purist Audio 25th Anniversary (XLR) Sale: $4998 Orig.: $11,500

Digital Cable

2 x 5ft/1.5m pair Purist Audio 25th Anniversary (RCA) Sale: $1998 Orig.: $4600

Video Cable

4 x 4ft/1.2m Purist Audio HDMI Cable Sale: $95 Orig.: $120
1 x 20ft/6m Purist Audio HDMI Cable Sale: $198 Orig.: $280

To order, visit the Specials Page!

For additional information on these offers and frequent updates speak with your Cable Company consultant, or visit our websites: and For hundreds of specials on used and demo cables, visit

For other highlighted products and special offers, take a look at the previous editions of our customer Email Newsletters in our Newletter Archives.

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